Nursery Today Front Cover 2020 Joie

Welcome to the March issue. It’s show time! Is everyone ready for Harrogate? We are all in for a treat this year, as many brands who have supported the show over the years will be in attendance, together with brands who have been absent and have made the positive decision to return. This year the show organisers have again worked hard to bring you a show worth attending, with many leading brand names exhibiting and as such it’s only fitting that we furnish you with a superb preview of the show. Turn to page 36 to read what you can expect within the halls this year, which we trust assists you to pre-plan your visit.

We also take a look at the wheeled goods category, which is a staple product category for many of you and one which is clearly about function but also products are purchased based on their design and kerb appeal. Find out more by checking out our feature starting on page 16.

Our contributors this month cover a host of subjects, including Ross Hewitt who takes a closer look at influencers and whether they can bring benefits to brands and retailers alike. Pramland’s John Barker is talking crime prevention, harrogate and support to the independent, and Parents Insights Jenny Kieras looks at their data which is illustrating that 9 in 10 parents are buying licensed products that are related to a favourite character. Intelligent Retail’s David Fairhurst looks at how you can pinpoint your busiest selling period online.
Remember also the annual Nursery Today Golf Day! The date to put into your diary for this is Tuesday 2nd June at Puckrup Hall, near Tewkesbury. You can find out more by turning to page 79.

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