This week sees the launch of the brand new Dr Brown’s website in the UK and Ireland. The leading anti-colic infant feeding brand has redesigned its website to make product information and advice easily accessible for parents and health professionals.

The website still retains the styling synonymous with the established brand but will now provide not only a shop front for all products in the range but an extensive library of advice for parents as they progress through their infant’s feeding journey. With advice on everything from cleaning bottles effectively to teat levels and benefits of vacuum free feeding, the Dr Brown’s website aims to support parents at all stages.

As the leading choice for healthcare professionals, Dr Brown’s new site also features a comprehensive area of product information for health pros looking to expand their knowledge when delivering colic advice. It also includes a review of the clinical data to support the efficacy of Dr Brown bottles, plus various exhibitions and events where professionals can meet the Dr Brown’s team.

Jasmine Clowes, Dr Brown’s Assistant Marketing Manager who has led the design project said: “We have been working on this website for a long time and have used all of our knowledge coupled with listening to customer feedback and the questions that we often receive from parents and professionals alike. We hope that it will provide a useful tool for all at whatever stage of their feeding journey they are on. This is also not a static site, rather one that will be updated regularly with up-to-date information that’s essential for our audiences.”

You can check out their new website by visiting

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