Mam Love by Parents Awards

MAM are excited to announce that key new products such as the 2 in 1 Double Breast Pump and the 6 in1 Steriliser, plus our most wanted bottle the Easy Start Anti Colic have been honoured with multiple awards by Loved by Parents 2020!

Managing director Lisa Parkhill “We are delighted with these awards, particularly the platinum’s for innovation on our new products. Rigorous research and testing goes into ensuring that MAM products are the safest and the most beneficial to new parents and it is perfect when this is recognised. “

MAM’s Double Electric Breast Pump proved a favourite with the judges, picking up 2 Platinum Awards in the categories of Best Innovative Breast Pump and Best Electronic Breast Pump. The innovative pump also won a Gold Award in the category of Best Product for Breast Feeding. The MAM 2in1 Double Pump is sleek and easy to use, offering mums the efficiency and convenience of an electric breast pump whilst still benefitting from the flexibility and discretion of a manual pump. The different pumping modes include left or right only, dual and alternating mode with 9 different suction strengths for each breast can be chosen across both stimulation & expression phases. The Pump can also convert to a manual pump in two simple steps and is compatible with all MAM’s Easy Start bottles and milk storage pots, allowing mums to express directly and safely without losing a drop.

MAM’s ever-popular Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles also picked up 2 Platinum’s in the categories of Best Innovative Product for Feeding & Best Time Saving Product. A firm favourite of parents everywhere, the bottles were also awarded a silver in the Best Product for Feeding category. MAM’s range of Easy Start Anti Colic bottles feature MAM’s SkinSoft teat, a symmetrical silicone teat which is silky soft and provides a familiar feel for babies. Market research confirms that 94%* of babies accept the SkinSoft teat making it perfect for when mum wants to be a bit more flexible. Another beloved feature of the Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles is their ability to self-sterilise in 3 easy steps, ensuring simple and safe bottle cleaning in as little as 3 minutes. Thanks to the innovative vented base MAM’s anti-colic bottles also provide a smooth drinking flow, preventing the formation of air bubbles, and reducing the symptoms of colic in 80%** of babies who use them.
MAM’s Electric Steriliser & Express Bottle Warmer continued the trend also picking up 2 Platinum wins in the categories of Best Household Appliance and Best Baby Steriliser. This new parent favourite also received a Gold Award in the Best Time Saving Product category. The Electric Steriliser and Bottle Warmer combines six valuable functions all in one product. This compact device can be used for either electric or microwave sterilising; keeping items sterile for up to 48 hours. The bottle warmer features 4 different warming functions from express to gentle warming, a defrost mode and a clever keep warm function, perfect for either breast milk or formula. Not only is it multi-functional but it warms faster than any other product on the market too!

MAM are ecstatic to have had such a fantastic result this year and hope to continue their success at the Awards in the future.

(Market research 2009-2017, tested with 1,508 babies.) (*Consumer study USA 2010, tested with 131 mothers, Medical study of 73 infants with colic symptoms, Austria 2011)

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