During the recent weeks of lockdown, Red Kite wanted to show support to their local NHS hospital and donated lots of cuddly toys and soft night lights to the Bristol Children’s hospital.  

“We had a lovely reply to expressing their thanks and to explain how the play experience forms an essential part of the recovery and treatment for young babies and children whilst in an hospital environment.  We are able to share some amazing photos of Ivy-Rose and Isla interacting with their Giraffe night light toys.

“We have also offered a special discount for any direct sales to NHS workers during this period to say a massive thank you for their extraordinary hard work and commitment to us all.” Said Red Kite’s Debra Tucker.

Bristol Children’s Hospital Play Manager Julie Fisher wrote to Red Kite expressing their delight at this great donation stating “On behalf of the Bristol Childrens Hospital, I would like to say a huge thank you to Red Kite for the wonderful donation of soft teddies and fluffy night lights.

“Our young patients have really enjoyed receiving them.  As I am sure you are aware being in hospital can be a very strange experience for children and young people, Especially at this present  time. As a play department our role is to help the patients cope with their hospital journey, your donation has provided a welcome distraction for not just the patient but for the parent/carer.”


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