A recent survey from FanFinders has revealed more about the travel plans of mums – this year and beyond.

• 3⁄4 of mums surveyed aren’t considering booking a holiday abroad
• Over 50% are considering a UK holiday instead
• Self-catering is viewed as the most appealing type of holiday package
• More than 2/3 of mums are expecting to take the same amount of holidays as they did before the pandemic

The data, which was collected from over 2,000 mums in the Your Baby Club network, tells the story of how the pandemic has shifted perspectives on family holidays, from location, right through to accommodation and transport.

Safety first
As far as the fallout from the pandemic, almost a quarter of mums have had their family holiday cancelled by COVID-19 and 72% said they aren’t considering booking a holiday abroad. In terms of why they’re not taking a trip overseas, mums cited the biggest concerns as their family’s health and, with the situation changing almost daily, uncertainty around quarantine periods. Over a third were also worried about not being able to do their favourite activities when they arrived at their destination.

When it comes to making the decision to travel, safety ranked as the most important factor for 83% of mums, ahead of the likes of government advice (56%) and price/value (41%).

Home comfort The hesitation over international travel could provide a boost for tourism at home. Over half (54%) of mums surveyed are considering a holiday in the UK, with a further quarter still deciding. Shifting perspectives can also be seen in the types of accommodation and holiday packages that are most appealing. Rented apartments and villas were seen as the most attractive option, while ‘self-catering’ is now the go-to choice for families – over 50% more popular than ‘all-inclusive’.

Mums are also willing to invest in some wheels to get around the country. Over 40% said they would upgrade their existing car or buy a new one to take a family holiday. Almost half of those surveyed would consider hiring a larger car to do the same.

Cause for optimism
While mums may be turning away from global travel right now, most are optimistic about the future. In fact, more than 2/3 of those surveyed are expecting to take the same amount of holidays as they did before the pandemic.

However, when they do head back abroad, it will not be to other continents.
Over 80% of mums will be travelling to Europe first, with Spain (28%), Greece (10%) and France (9%) topping the list of countries to visit.
As for how the recent months spent confined in homes and small social circles will influence future trips, over a third of mums said the lockdown has made them more likely to want a nature- or adventure-based holiday.

On what travel companies can do moving forward to make families more comfortable with going abroad, the priority for mums is to keep receiving information on both quarantines and health/safety; and over 50% said they would be influenced by discounts and deals.
FanFinders operates Your Baby Club, the fastest growing mums network in the UK.


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