Hippychick’s biodegradable disposable travel potty featured on This Morning

The Hippychick team were delighted to spot Tron featuring as a Summer beach accessory on This Morning.

For those travelling with under 5s in tow, a loo stop (or two, or three) is an inevitability for which you will need to be prepared.  

For most parents, public loos will be out of the question this summer and indeed many will be closed anyway.  So, what’s the alternative?

Tron is a pop-up disposable potty will be your most treasured travelling companion this year.   Prior to use, Tron will fit discreetly into the deepest recesses of your handbag.  Yet when you pop it up (which takes seconds), Tron is sturdy enough to take weights of up to 30kgs.   Once it’s been used, simply fold it up and put it in the bin.  And no need to worry about your carbon footprint either.  Every element of Tron is 100% biodegradable.

Tron is available in either singles, 3 packs or 12 packs. 


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