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This month Nursery Today highlights a number of features taking a look at Feeding & Accessories (page 22), Highchairs (page 30), Gifts (page 36) and Monitors (page 40).

From our FanFinders mini survey this month, we can see that more than 80 percent of those surveyed were seeking innovative feeding products and researched products online prior to purchase, with nearly 77 percent looking for products that were specifically designed for feeding while out and about, which may possibly be with many more parents now looking to holiday in the UK or spend more time as a family away from the home on ‘days out’?

If you are considering stocking more ‘gifting’ items in-store, it may also be good to hear that FanFinders also ran a mini survey on our behalf taking a look at this product sector. Of those who responded (250), nearly 70 percent stated that they sought a baby gift that was gender neutral, had an education aspect or that they bought a soft toy or soother (including cot mobiles) as a gift.

Our contributors have also been busy this month, with Parents Insights Jenny Kieras looking at key changes in family’s content consumption, Pramland’s John Barker ponders on why now is the time to re-set your clocks to kickstart your business back into life after lockdown and Ross Hewitt takes a step back to reflect on how, as an industry, nursery industry has pulled together, supported one another and stepped up to the market to become true heroes of retail.

An example of positive thinking in retail, comes via our Retailer Profile this month which features Natural Baby Shower. Nursery Today asked their founder Victoria Hampson whether she felt they had made any adjustments to their business model which they will keep in place even after the pandemic has passed. Victoria told us that they will keep the split shifts in their warehouse as by implementing this they have seen an increase in productivity and are now able to keep the warehouse open and get orders out the door for longer each day. They have also had a positive reaction to their visitors being booked to visit on an appointment only basis, so much so that they are now looking at investing in technology so that they can have more online appointments and consultations with their customers virtually. To read more turn to page 12.

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