Protect with JUNIORJONES

JUNIORJONES are pleased to announce the launch of a unique and innovative Stroller Visor.

This specifically designed Visor is created to offer protection against existing and future viruses for babies and toddlers in the 0-3 age group who cannot wear face coverings when out in public. 

The J-PROTECT has been designed for use whenever and wherever a parent or guardian is required to wear a face covering. 

The Visor is a Universal product which will fit most Stroller Brands and attaches easily to the hood using magnetic straps.

Universal and simple to use:

• It attaches to the stroller hood simply using magnetic straps.

• It will fit most stroller hoods, not just JUNIORJONES.

• Clean it with antibacterial spray or wipes after every outing for peace of mind.

• Designed to allow airflow to circulate beneath.


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