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Welcome to Product Launcher – the new easy to read reference source from Nursery Today.

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With this not being possible this year, Product Launcher is here to assist. Brought to you as a handy sized reference source to keep on your desk or on your store counters, you will find among the pages everything you need to know, who is launching what and in which category, all of which assist you to keep your stores and websites refreshed.You will find many categories within Product Launcher, all broken down into easy to digest sections spanning across many categories from leading brand names.With brands continually refreshing their ranges, bringing new products that reflect current consumer trends, this guide highlights what’s new and available to order now in one place!New products are a great way to generate visitors to websites, gain consumer press inches and gain coverage by influencers or bloggers – all of which are great for business!

Whether you’re looking for something new to draw customers in-store with a refreshed wheeled goods section, wanting to locate the next must have in the world of furniture, seeking products that are new and available to boost your feeding range, looking for a refresh within your furniture and sleeptime ranges, seeking gifts to compliment your toy offering, looking to find eco-friendly products, or are interested in products that cater toward health and wellbeing  – this publication covers it all. Happy sourcing!

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