little hoppa presents a game changer!

Now launching! Red Dot award winning little hoppa, this amazing piece of baby kit will see little ones from newborn right up to toddler years, and is an absolute game changer in the market.

little hoppa is an innovatively designed 3-in-1 baby gym, baby jumper and children’s activity table that grows and adapts with children from birth to four years. After a testing year for most families, this Christmas gift will be certain to bring joy, fun and practicality to the home of new parents. 

Everything has been thought through, including a design focused look and with a focus on sustainability, most parts are made from wood, metal, natural rubber and cotton.

little hoppa starts life as a baby gym, creating a unique sensory experience from birth to 6 months. The sturdy wooden frame can be slotted together with just 6 bolts, standing like a strong mountain that’s ready for adventure. Newborns can either be laid on the machine-washable cotton mat to play with the interactive hanging toys or use it for tummy time. The set comes with a range of stimulating textured and interactive toys that hang from the frame with a toggle. There are also additional slots for parents to attach the baby’s favourite toys to.

When little ones start to pull themselves up and move around, the frame transforms into a jumper toy. Perfect for children aged between 6 – 24 months, it inverts to hold a height-adjustable bouncer seat, encouraging them to balance, bounce, stand and explore. This stage also comes with a machine-washable cotton seat panel as well as an easy-to-clean rubber teether, wooden bear and interactive spinner toy to encourage sensory skills, brain development, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. In fact, the whole experience can be fully personalised with a range of removable toys, accessories and cotton seat panels in different fabric patterns.

The final stage has been created for the toddler and pre-school years. A wooden table top slots into the existing frame, turning it into an activity table with a central mountain shape. The table top is dual sided: younger children can use the built-in road, storytelling forms and interactive toys for imaginative play, while older children will enjoy drawing or reading using the flat side of the table.

The ultimate present for new parents at the end of the strangest year, will put a smile on any parent’s face!

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