Tot2walk Steps Into UK & Ireland

Fresh from North America where over 500,000 units have already been sold since its recent launch, DCUK are proud to introduce the simple genius of tot2walk to UK and Ireland retailers.

Learning to walk is one of a child’s most exciting phases. While they’re toddling forward, it’s natural to lean over to offer a helping hand, or more likely, a finger for the child to grip. However, walking while bending at the waist is uncomfortable and hard on the back. The tot2walk lets children direct their own development while adults provide stability, without that difficult posture.

Have you ever placed your finger in an infant’s hand and felt them squeeze? It’s a healthy, natural reflex. Babies love gripping the ends of the tot2walk. The teardrop-shaped foam handles offer a tactile experience that helps them find the best place to grab and improve their grip at the same time.

The “finger-in-hand” approach encourages babies to favour one side while trying to build stability. When they grip the tot2walk with both hands, they’re supporting their weight evenly.

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There is nothing like this out on the market today, and you would think that something this simple yet immensely useful had been created before!

Other walking aids involve cumbersome harnesses or straps that attach to the child. These can actually hinder development because the child is not experiencing or supporting their own weight.

The tot2walk allows the child to develop leg strength even as they are using their upper body to steady themselves, creating an increasingly confident walker. Every baby has their own speed. Whether a child progresses faster or slower than average, the tot2walk is an effective way for them to become their own initiator, explorer and self-learner.

Tot2walk is available to retailers in the UK and Ireland through DCUK Ltd in 4 attractive colours, supplied in an eye-catching gloss retail carton and is in stock and ready to ship now from our UK warehouse.

For further information or to become a tot2walk stockist, please email DCUK Ltd direct at

You can also find out more about tot2walk at

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