Nursery Today October 2020 edition

The October issue is packed with features and articles of interest.

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Welcome to the October issue of Nursery Today where you will find a host of features and products that are available to order, including Nursery Furniture (page 22), Weaning (page 28), Health & Wellbeing (page 46) and Baby Tech (page 50). Furthermore you will find all the finalists of the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards.

Take time to browse the list of finalists over on page 34 with a great selection of highlighted products that you will find of interest from page 36. Our contributors this month continue to bring you articles of interest with Pramland’s John Barker taking a look at stock issues and how this is having an impact, while Jenny Kieras of Parents Insights focusses on the ‘experience economy’ post-covid with movies and outdoors sports having suffered huge losses – will brands now need to become more agile for the new normal? Baby Tech is moving quickly within Nursery and FanFinders Chief Commercial Officer Adam Gillett discusses this and how modern families and the industry are embracing smart tech.

Finally, our cover hero this month is Maxi-Cosi who announce the launch of the Adorra2 and Zelia2. Check out their features by turning to page 12, proving that this brand continues to innovate from A-Z!

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