Five facts about Groowy

Five facts about Groowy

Five facts retailers need to know……..

  1. Groowy’s innovative newborn i-size nest carrier (an integral part of the car seat), can be clicked in and out of the main seat onto all main brand chassis*. 
  2. This near flat nest adapts to fit newborns from the moment they leave hospital up to the 65cms (approx. 10 months). 
  3. The cleverly designed angle of the nest is almost flat, minimising the risk of oxygen desaturation, and making it ideal for newborns and premature babies. The Groowy doubles as the isofix base for the Nest Infant Carrier.
  4. Groowy keeps children safe as they develop (see image), adapting to the key growth stages from birth up to around 12 years of age. 
  5. Groowy has undergone stringent testing in JANE’s very own research and development laboratories which test beyond ADAC recommendations.

(*Fixing Kit available if necessary)



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