Safety first with Nuna

PRYM – Nuna’s 360-degree rotating car seat – receives the ADAC’s seal of approval

Nuna (, one of the pioneers in automatic open side impact protection, has just received an overall high score of 2,1 (= Good) for the PRYM from ADAC – conductor of the most rigorous car seat tests in Europe.

As well as automatically deploying side impact shields for instant protection as soon as little ones are on board, the i-Size certified PRYM also features 360-degree rotation for easy entry and exit as well as a steel reinforced shell to maximize protection.

Around 25 percent of all accidents are side crashes, making side impact protection shields an important component in car seats. Side impact protection itself has been around for some time, but until now, has been integrated into the car seat shell as energy-absorbing foam rather than attached to the outside or base of the car seat. Having side impact protection on the exterior of the seat, as with more recent models such as the PRYM, means that some of the forces in a side impact are already directed past the seat and have less of an effect on the child.

Test institutions like ADAC support this advancement, their safety tests evaluate not only the quality of the individual seats, but also their ease of use. If the safest and best quality seats are used incorrectly – because parents forget to fold out the side impact protection for instance – all the safety functions are useless. The challenging task for car seat manufacturers is to identify as many potential errors in the use and fitting of car seats as possible and to counteract these mistakes by means of automated protection mechanisms.


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