Infantino Unveil Parent’s ‘Happy Hour’

National survey reveals that morning play is parents happiest time of the day! 

Forget the 5pm happy hour of the past, parents have hailed early morning playtime as their happiest hour of the day, with 40% of parents choosing 9-11am as their best parenting hours! Wake up, between 6-8am, was ranked second place, with 18% of parents choosing the morning cuddles as the winning moments of every day! 

However, for 17% of the 300+ parents asked in the survey said bedtime (and the hours that follow) was their happiest. No judgement here – we all know after a busy day being mum and dad, we all need to rest and recoup for the next one! 

It’s important to celebrate the good times, but it’s also essential to recognise that it is not always easy. There are certainly some challenging hours too! There was no clear leader here though with bedtime (23%), dinner time (21%) and wake up (20%) all being flagged by some as a challenging time. It just goes to show it is different for every parent! 

“I am not surprised that morning play is such a happy time for the majority of parents, it presents a wonderful time for bonding and watching baby’s incredible development through play is just joyous” said Nivi Bhide, Marketing Director at Infantino Europe. 

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