Beautiful, high quality baby comforters newborns

Posh Paws’ Ragtales Baby Comforters are the ideal gift for newborns to cuddle up to and give them comfort throughout the day and night.

Based on the much loved Fifi and Alfie Ragtales characters, the comforters feature adorable characters, tucked underneath a premium quality cloud shaped blanket for babies and toddlers to hold on tight to and snuggle up with. The Fifi comforter has cute pink ears, stars and raindrops printed on the cloud shaped comforter, and the Alfie one has light blue eyes and stars, with green and yellow raindrops on his. 

The entire Ragtales collection is made with gorgeous, handpicked fabrics, the softest velour and precision sewing techniques to ensure the finished product is truly exceptional and lasts a lifetime. 

For more information on these and other collections please call Posh Paws on 01268 567317 or email at

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