Sweetest of dreams with Snuz

Snüz, the much-loved baby sleep brand behind one of the UK’s leading bedside crib, is thrilled to announce the launch of the SnüzMobile.

Sure to inspire the sweetest dreams and hours of ZZZ’s, the SnüzMobile is the perfect addition to baby’s bedtimes. This gorgeous sleep accessory encourages relaxation thanks to its celestial array of plush grey and white stars, puffy white clouds and pom poms, all of which surround a calming crescent moon. The heavenly night-time scene will dance above your little one’s head as they drift into the land of nod.

With the mobile arch available in nine colours, the SnüzMobile has been designed to perfectly match your SnüzPod colour. However, it will grow with your little one and can also be used with the SnüzKot.


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