Top tips from Lansinoh

Lansinoh and Midwife Marley (BA RM DipHE) provide top tips for how to support new and expectant mums throughout the lockdown period

With England currently under a third national lockdown, breastfeeding brand Lansinoh, along with midwife and antenatal educator, Marley Hall (BA RM DipHE), have shared expert advice to help encourage family and friends to reach out and support new and expectant mums through this difficult time.

This advice follows a study conducted during the first national lockdown, which found that new and expectant mums’ mental health was impacted by reduced social interactions.

Lansinoh’s survey found that the first UK lockdown led to increased levels of anxiety and loneliness in new and expectant mums, due to not being able to spend this special time with friends or family. In particular, 70% of those surveyed reported increased anxiety levels, whilst 60% reported increased levels of loneliness.

To help new mums feel supported during the third national lockdown, Lansinoh and Marley Hall are encouraging family and friends of new or expectant mothers to show support in any way they can.

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