Celebrating their 28th anniversary, Baby Birds are excited to announce their partnership with Ecologi

Like many, independent nursery retailer Baby Birds have had a challenging past 12 months and are now focussed on building a better future for all by partnering with Ecologi with an aim to build their own company forest.

As of now, they are looking to offset all of their carbon emissions from both their teams personal and professional lives by planting groves of trees.

CEO Molly Francis Coleman told Nursery Today: “Now more than ever we need to be conscious of our carbon footprint. Our partnership with Ecologi ensures our legacy is more than just spreadsheets and market presence… we’re building a future our children can be proud of.

“This industry has a high level of carbon emissions, we have stock shipped from all corners of the world, most of it in lots of packaging. Some of this is unavoidable, but we can offset our emissions by planting more trees and funding projects to find a solution to our climate crisis. Each of our team members are now climate positive, which means we’re offsetting their carbon footprint by planting trees in the company forest each month. This is the first step we are making towards being more sustainable in all aspects of our lives.”

Their forest will grow every month and will be visible for all to see on their updated website which is set to be launched soon. Their target is to have planted 3,000 trees by the time this retailer turns 30! They have big plans on the horizon to reach this goal so watch this space!

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