Medela Encourages New Mums to be ‘Milkin’ the Moment’

New Medela Campaign Highlights Importance of Self Care and Relaxation for New Mums

A recent survey completed by nearly 2000 women revealed just how challenging it is to find time for self-care and relaxation as a busy new parent. Research completed by world breastfeeding brand, Medela, showed that:

89% of women asked felt they never got to the end of their to-do list

Whilst a huge 94% admitted they struggle to find time for themselves 

Amongst breastfeeding, expressing and generally caring for a newborn, self-care for any new parent can understandably take a back seat. However, the importance and benefits of finding time for relaxation are key for supporting not only mum’s mental wellbeing, but also getting the most out of your breastfeeding or pumping experience.

 ‘The impact of stress and anxiety on the lactation process is well-known. Research has even show that at times of stress, the high levels of cortisol (stress hormones) can interrupt and even stop milk flow¹’ said Medela’s expert. It is certainly clear how important it is for mums to give themselves time now and then. 

Medela’s new campaign, #milkinthemoment, is set to encourage mums to enjoy some well-deserved downtime when breastfeeding or pumping. Making milk is truly a superpower in itself, whether mum is breastfeeding, pumping exclusively or doing a combination, Medela believes you should be ‘Milkin’ the moment’ – you are already flexing your milk making superpower after all! 

As part of its nationwide campaign for 2021, Medela is calling for mums across the country to join and take a moment to relax. As a new parent, finding time in your day for a moment of calm is just as important as finding time for everything else! 

Whether it is letting a partner bring you a hot drink so you can catch up on your favourite show, flicking through a magazine you’ve been meaning to read or calling a friend you’ve been wanting to have a good gossip with for ages – slowing down for 15 minutes might make all the difference.

Using the hashtag #milkinthemoment, mums can share their moment of calm or selfcare, perhaps a tip or two for finding balance and maybe even encourage their mum mates to get involved. It’s all about being present in the moment, not worrying about the never-ending to do list and knowing its absolutely okay to chill out and make the most of these moments.

Medela’s expert continued: “The #milkinthemoment campaign is an opportunity to reach out and link up with other new mums, look out for each other, make friends and get great tips. It is so critical that we are kind to ourselves: take a few precious moments of self-care and consider it an essential item in any new mothers “bag of life toolkit”.”

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented: 

‘It is so important for us to know breastfeeding and pumping mums are looking after their wellbeing as well as their baby’s. We’re so excited to launch #milkinthemoment this year, after all the additional stress the pandemic has brought into new parents lives, we want to reassure them that a bit of downtime is nothing to feel guilty about, finding time for themselves is so beneficial for so many reasons. We hope that mums will get involved, share the positive message across social media and continue to remind each other they truly are everyday superheroes!’

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