Preventing seat belt danger to unborn babies with Clippasafe

For pregnant women, seat belts positioned over the abdomen are not only uncomfortable, but also pose a significant risk to a foetus in the event of an abrupt stop.

The pressure of the seat belt can cause significant harm and even be life threatening to the unborn infant, as it is absorbed through the abdomen and womb instead of the hips.

The Bump Belt from Clippasafe is a simple yet effective way to protect unborn babies from the danger posed by a seatbelt in the event of a vehicle collision. It is designed to reduce the movement of seat belts over the abdomen, avoiding the need for constant re-positioning – keeping both mum and baby safe. Suitable for use from two months pregnant and up to birth, the Bump Belt is used with a regular seat belt to help keep the strap in the safest place

The Bump Belt has an RRP of £24.99 and is part of the extensive auto range from Clippasafe

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