Cosatto Boost High Street in Uncertain Times

“Local retailers are still here, flying the flag…”

People are still having babies in lockdown. It’s a challenge on many levels, not least the lack of local community support due to nursery stores being closed.

With the high street currently off limits, many people are missing that personal touch a physical store can offer.

Awarding-winning nursery brand Cosatto are giving the high street a boost in lockdown with a #shoplocal initiative.

Support the High Street Heroes

Their #shoplocal campaign is highlighting the amazing things local retailers are doing to bring the high street to the consumer in these challenging times.

From personal online appointments to interest-free payment plans and safe direct-to-door service, it’s about bringing that connection home.

“Your friendly local Cosatto retailer offers a real personal touch and a ton of expertise and experience.” – Rebecca Carson, Cosatto Associate Sales Director.

“Lockdown has highlighted the importance of our local community. By spending locally, you are boosting the high street in these challenging times.”

With roots in retail, Cosatto’s owner Andrew Kluge was once a local retailer, it’s in the family. When you shop locally you are part of a local family.

“Whilst online business may be thriving, we all want there to be a high street to come home to after all this.” – Andrew Kluge CEO at Cosatto Ltd and Small Business Mentor.

“When you support your local community, you become part of a local, larger family so it’s a win-win.”

Find out more about how Cosatto are celebrating the possibilities local retailers can offer.

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