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This month we take a look at Nappies & Changing equipment. With regard to nappies, are we seeing an increase in demand for re-usable nappies or disposables that carry solid eco-credentials?

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The Nappy Alliance have been hard at work recently lobbying government to address disposable nappies and single use plastics.For example, did you know that around three billion single-use nappies are thrown away annually in the UK, costing local authorities over £60 million per year – that equates to the equivalent of seven plastic bags per day per home heading to landfill sites! Turn to page 16 to read more.

While on the subject of eco and reusable nappies, we took time out to chat with Mama Bamboo’s CEO, Laura Crawford, to find out why many parents are more eco-aware when it comes eco-nappies and their compostable elements. To read why we have seen a shift in interest in eco-nappies and wipes simply scroll through to page 20.

Our Cover Hero this month features Bugaboo who pioneered a pushchair revolution in 1999 and they’ve continued to set high standards in the industry with their latest announcement of the launch of their newest arrival – the Bugaboo Lynx. To read more simply turn to page 14

Starting over on page 26 we focus on the Bathtime & Accessories product category and grab a coffee with Shnuggle’s Co Founder, Sinead Murphy to find out her views on products in the bathtime category.

Over on page 36 Pramland’s John Barker is taking a look back at 2020 and giving his awards for various categories that he considered to have been the best during last year, while on page 39 FanFinders’ CCO Adam Gillett gives us the lowdown on how brands in the baby sector can set about solving the inverse relationship between scale and cost when marketing to consumers.

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