Nap, rest and play with Bloomsbury Mill’sToddler Nap Mats

The Perfect Companion for Naptime On the Go

Any parent knows only too well the irritability of a toddler who has missed their nap. Naptime helps toddlers to regulate their emotions, enhances learning and supports better nighttime sleep. It’s important that toddlers can feel comfortable and safe falling asleep during the day when they’re away from their own bed. 

Little one’s can snuggle up at any time with Bloomsbury Mill’s new Nap Mat, an all-in-one pillow, blanket and mat. Available in three popular Bloomsbury Mill prints: Safari Animals, Magic Unicorn, and Grey and White Stars, enabling toddlers to enjoy their favourite bedding design on the go. 

Nap Mats are available now to order.

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