Baby Travel UK shows support for NHS

Baby Travel UK are looking to provide the NHS with 5,000 “U shaped” support pillows

To show their support Baby Travel UK are seeking interested parties who would like to assist to provide the NHS with 5,000 U Shaped Support Pillows. These pillows are suitable for a variety of uses such as back support, neck support, support to arms or legs that would help patients to be and feel more comfortable and can also used as nursing pillow.

The dimensions of each support pillow are:
Outer Dimensions: 130cm (Approx.)
Inner Dimensions: 80cm (Approx.)
Weight: 900g (Approx.)

Interested parties must have direct contacts/contracts with NHS.

For further details the interested parties can contact Baby Travel U.K. Limited:

Tel: +44 (0) 871 2880873 
e-Mail: Web:

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