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Nursery Today March 2021 Chicco Front Cover

This month we feature wheeled goods, bedding, safety products, furniture and more…

The March issue is packed with features containing products of interest that are all available to order now spanning a huge selection of wheeled goods (page 16), a selection of bedding (page 42), nursery furniture (page 50) and safety products (page 48).

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Our contributors this month have also been busy, with Pramland’s John Barker taking a look at what independent retailers might expect once you’re all able to open your doors to customers in April, while Online4Baby’s Christy Foster takes time out to look at retail after lockdown, potential shipping delays and the impact this could cause together with website content.You may also find of interest this month the Baby Product Association’s article over on page 52, where they take a look at online trends highlighting the latest insights into what consumers are popping into search engines when looking for new products.

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Our cover hero this month is Chicco and as a brand, they are looking forward to embracing 2021 by working with you and continuing to strengthen their position as one of the leading sleeptime experts in the nursery market, with a number of activities planned through 2021, from virtual events helping to position the relevant retailers as ‘Education Centres’ to dedicated social media campaigns. You can read more by turning to page 10.You will also find retailer opinions on re-opening store doors on the 12th April – you can read their thoughts over on page 12.

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