Emma’s Diary survey results revealed

New survey reveals four in 10 expectant parents and new families move house while pregnant or trying for a baby.

Moving to a new home can be a stressful and lengthy experience. But new research commissioned by the UK’s number one trusted pregnancy brand, Emma’s Diary, shows that rather than waiting until baby arrives to start their new property search, almost four in 10 (39%) pregnant women and new families in the UK move whilst pregnant or trying for a baby.

Understandably, outgrowing an existing property because the family size increases is a major factor in wanting to move to a bigger home, with 38% citing this as their main motivator to re-locate. Furthermore, the desire for a home in a family-friendly area far outweighs other considerations such as parking, having a large garden, or the room to extend over time.

Of the 4,269 parents and mums-to-be surveyed across the UK, the majority, 40%, had three children. Over half (55%) were pregnant and 50% of those were, at the time, in their third trimester. Pregnancy can be a great motivator to move into a bigger, more spacious home.

We all know that location is key. But is that regarded as being near good schools, in an affluent area, or near amenities or parks for children to play in? Normally, we would expect parents’ number one consideration to be within a high performing school catchment area, as demand for places is high and measured by proximity. However, we are not living during ‘normal’ times. This research reveals that the most important factor for a family home is being in a safe area and close to family and friends, with six out of 10 respondents agreeing that this is essential.

Faye Mingo, Chief Marketing Officer, Emma’s Diary commented: “If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything over the past year, it’s the value of spending time with extended family and friends, perhaps an activity previously taken for granted. Social restrictions have meant that children have been unable to visit grandparents; parents have been working from home as offices are shut, and leisure facilities are closed. The rise in at-home offices can be linked to a reduced desire for good commuter routes, so quite possibly what is deemed important now, is perhaps different to pre-pandemic times.”

While the Government’s Stamp Duty holiday has almost certainly helped keep the housing market moving, this research reveals, somewhat surprisingly, that it wasn’t in fact a motivator for moving; with nine out of 10 declaring that they didn’t decide to re-locate following the announcement.

The full survey is available to download by clicking HERE

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