After a long wait, many Independent Nursery Stores successfully re-opened their doors yesterday.

With all the recent lockdown restrictions of the third lockdown, independent nursery stores were delighted to finally be able to re-open their doors yesterday (12th April) and were eager to welcome customers back in-store and be able to safely demonstrate the many great products on display behind their store doors.

Susan O’Rouke of Ann’s Prams told Nursery Today: “We were so happy to be reopening and let’s hope we stay open this time and people are sensible, follow the Covid rules and stay safe.”

Over at Huggle, the team were enthusiastic and excited about finally being able to re-open with Jason Heller stating: “Our team have been really excited to get back into store today and do what they know best – we’ve had a really positive reaction from customers and have had appointments booked for most of the day. 

“We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that we can keep up the momentum over the coming weeks and that everyone’s hard work getting the store re-open translates into sales.”

Babylicious’s Ian Davidson told Nursery Today: “After an initial anxiety moment on the prospect of re-opening, I felt excited to finally meet my wonderful customers in a safe and secure environment. Although opening day felt like an average Monday, I feel moving forwards there is so much positivity and lots of people have already pre-booked to come and visit Babylicious and all the wonders that our store has to offer expectant mothers and their families. 

“People are taking advantage already of the promotional opportunities that have been supported by our suppliers. May these type of promotions continue in the future as I feel they are a great way to drive consumers back to store.”

These sentiments have been echoed by so many nursery indies and Baby Birds Molly Francis Coleman told Nursery Today: “It’s so lovely to have our doors open again and customers back in store. We have missed the face to face interaction. Now we’ve brushed off the dust on our product stands, we’re looking forward to welcoming reps back in too. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a post-covid baby boom!”

Of course, it’s not just in England where we have seen independent retailers open their doors, with Scotland having been the first in the UK to be able to re-open. Sugar Plum Pram & Nursery’s Claire Petrie commented: “We are now in our second week of being open in Scotland and it’s been a very welcome step forward for retailers and customers alike.

“I am operating by appointment only and it is working really well.  Customers are enjoying a personal shopping experience knowing they are in a safe, controlled environment.  They feel more relaxed knowing they have the store to themselves and feel no pressure when they need assistance.

“For me it’s great being able to dedicate the time to customers, chatting with them and not dash about between customers.”

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