After reading an appeal on a Facebook page for a Toniebox for Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity, Babylicious Independent store wanted to help.

Kirsty Redshaw, a Play Therapist on the Yorkshire and Leeds General infirmary Paediatric Neurosciences ward appealed for a Toniebox and Tonies for the children on the ward to interact and play with during their treatments. 

‘These will be an excellent resource for children to bring pleasure and comfort during their stay as books are single use at the moment, due to covid. Some of the children are visually impaired or have special needs which make tablets and books impractical for them to use and enjoy. The content Tonies will enable them to hear stories and songs and the Creative Tonie allows them to hear messages from friends and loved ones who sadly are unable to visit them at this time.‘ 

‘The Tonieboxes can also be used to calm sick children as they go into surgery, to hear reassuring voices or messages from loved ones, restricted by the pandemic,‘  Kirsty continues.

Ian, owner of Babylicious store, Wirral says, ‘We saw Kirsty‘s post and wanted to help as much as we could to try to make life a little happier for these children. As a small family run pram and nursery store trading for over 30 years we felt that, in the same situation we would love someone to offer some help to make our little ones lives a little pleasanter during a hospital stay.  We reached out to Tonies and they were impressed by the incredible support and generosity from Babylicious and the Tonies community on Facebook  to York Paediatric Hospital.’ 

Tonies donated a Toniebox and 3 Tonies for the children on the ward who are currently receiving treatment.

Pinky Laing, Head of Partnerships, Tonies UK said, ‘we of course wanted to support this important cause. Kirsty, the senior nurse on the Tumour ward at the Yorkshire Hospital who looks after sick children currently receiving treatment appealed for a Toniebox and Tonie characters via a Facebook group and this was then brought to our attention by one of independent retailers, Babylicious. Ian from Babylicious rallied around to get further Tonies to the ward for children who need light respite now more than ever. We hope the Toniebox put offered a little light respite in such difficult circumstances.‘

Babylicious also offered free delivery to anyone who ordered a Tonie figure on behalf of the hospital/charity and Tonies. 

Please contact to donate Tonie figures to York Paediatric Hospital. 

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