Say hello to Nuby’s trail-blazing new clean, green weaning range

Earth Day (22 April) saw one of the leading baby brands, Nuby introducing its adorable 100% natural rice husk weaning range to parents.

Ideal for anyone looking for practical and high performing weaning tableware, the innovative eco range is fully biodegradable and compostable – so it’s great for the environment too. 
The collection includes cutlery, a section plate, bowl and drinking tumbler. It is made of earth-friendly rice husk material, a natural by-product of rice farming, and comes in a cute frog design which little ones will love. 
Across the world, in excess of 500 million tonnes of rice is produced every year and the waste husk (the outer shell) makes up around 125 million tonnes of it. It is typically discarded or burned, releasing harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  
By taking the waste rice husk and combining it with naturally occurring starch, Nuby has created weaning products which are safe for little ones and free from any nasty toxins, as well as being great for the planet. 
Not only is the range biodegradable, meaning it is broken down by natural processes, it can be composted back into the earth in just a few months – compared to the 450+ years it takes plastic to decompose. 
The collection has been designed to make it as easy as possible for parents to choose a greener tableware option for weaning, while being affordable, dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as BPA free. 
Maria Burnell, Managing Director at Nuby, said: “We’re proud to introduce our adorable rice husk children’s tableware range, which is a real game-changer when it comes to weaning products. 
“Mums and dads told us that they’re looking for products which fit their environmental values and we want it to be as easy and affordable as possible for them to make greener purchases. From start to finish, the rice husk range is 100% eco-friendly and even better for the environment than bamboo.
“As every new parent knows, weaning is an adventure for both you and baby and like every new stage, it comes with its challenges. 
“That’s why products which make your life easier are so important. What’s great about the rice husk tableware range is that it comes with all the benefits, toxin-free, handles hot temperatures, microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as being great for the planet.” 
Kayleigh Lodge, mum to 18-month-old Cody, who runs @cooking-for-cody on Instagram, tried out the range and said: “Cody has really enjoyed using the new rice husk range, the plate has plenty of room to deal with his growing toddler appetite and he loves the “froggies”. The fact that it’s not a suction plate makes him feel like a big boy, and I love that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment.”
To celebrate the launch of the new range, Nuby is inviting families to enter its competition to give the new eco frog a name. Get your thinking caps on and get the whole family involved to be in with the chance to win a personalised cuddly frog, along with the entire rice husk collection. Enter over on Instagram @nubyuk; terms and conditions apply.
As part of its launch campaign, Nuby has created a series of tips and downloads to help families through the weaning stage and enjoy a greener, healthier lifestyle. During Weaning Week 2021, the brand has exciting collaborations lined up with organic baby food brand Piccolo, The Children’s Nutritionist, Sarah Almond Bushell, and Kayley Monaghan who runs Friendly First Foods. 
To find out more about the rice husk range and exciting launch activities, visit the Nuby website.

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