Scandinavian brand Noordi gets to the heart of sustainability

Sustainability means much more than simply claiming that a product is ‘green’.

Scandi brand Noordi, a family company celebrating nearly 25 years of producing high quality strollers, is preparing a series of carefully curated videos, story books and other creative assets that will ‘break down’ what sustainability means to them and how they are putting it at the core of all product development.

They believe that sustainable products should last. The quality needs to be there. Noordi constantly evolves, embracing subtle design changes and taking onboard feedback from customers and retailers.

With over 300 local employees, Noordi puts back into its local community and is keen to tell the real story about how their prams are carefully created. They will showcase crafts men and women using materials from their home, Northern European, all chosen for their green credentials and safety features. Noordi brand is reshaping its story to educate future parents about sustainability and inspire them to reconnect with nature. The new Noordi storyline will be revealed in September.

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