Report from GoCompare highlights car seats

Fitting a child car seat – GoCompare report highlights the cities that struggled the most.

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges to say the least. But there is one struggle that most parents and grandparents can relate to – installing and getting a child into a car seat.

In aid of Child Safety Week, 7th-13th June, the experts at GoCompare have asked the question – which places in the UK have the most people looking for help with their child car seat troubles and what advice can we give to help?

… Bradford came top of the list for internet searches on child car seat struggles, followed up by the City of London. But parents in these cities are not alone, as Glasgow, Bristol and Brighton all made the top 10 list.

According to their report, Bradford accounted for 12.1% of total searches around how to ‘fit a child car seat’, and at the other end of the list, Worcester and Aberdeen, claimed just 5.5% of the searches.

  1. Bradford – 12.1%
  2. City of London – 11.8%
  3. Coventry – 10.0%
  4. Hull – 8.2%
  5. Glasgow – 7.6%
  6. Gloucester – 7.5%
  7. Bristol – 7.3%
  8. Peterborough – 7.2%
  9. Birmingham – 6.9%
  10. Brighton & Hove – 6.6%
  11. Edinburgh – 6.4%
  12. Leicester – 6.3%
  13. Sunderland – 6.3%
  14. Wakefield – 6.3%
  15. Newcastle upon Tyne – 6.3%
  16. Sheffield – 6.0%
  17. Durham – 5.8%
  18. Salisbury – 5.8%
  19. Aberdeen – 5.5%
  20. Worcester – 5.5%

Lee Griffin, expert at GoCompare and parent said:  “Having been through the experience of fitting a child car seat and ensuring that it meets all the safety standards, I for one understand the stress it can be – every parent wants to make sure their child is safe when travelling so finding the right car seat, and fitting it, can be a challenge.

“I learnt, for example, that child car seats come in five categories depending on the child. It’s really useful to review the government’s guidance on car seat groups and regulations before you purchase, to be sure that you end up with the right product. The range of child car seats you can choose from include rear-facing baby seats, forward-facing car seats and high back booster seats.”

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