Nursery Today June 2021

This month we are focussing on car seats (page 30), weaning (page 50) and sleeptime (60).When we look at car seats, an area that is apparent is that we can’t ignore test results and accolades that are achieved on car seats across the various Groups.

As Callum Craig from Samuel Johnston Prams states over in Talking Shop (page 38) “These certainly do play a part in the decision-making process. It is more the safety-related accolades such as ADAC or Which? Best Buys that people are interested in.

Awards from consumer magazines such as Made for Mums also sway decision making on issues such as functionality.” This is echoed over in John Barker’s article this month where he is talking car seats with his top tip stating “Never under estimate the power of an ADAC test! Customers won’t know what it is at first but when you explain how it’s something much coveted in the industry and how it means an even safer seat for their little one people will be hooked on it.”Our regular contributors also continue to bring you articles of interest, with Pramland’s John Barker focussing on the subject of car seats and gives his view of how you can secure customer confidence and ultimately the ringing of the til (page 16), while over at online4baby Christy Foster gives an insight on what’s currently trending overall for them with regard to sales (page 14).

FanFinders CCO Adam Gillett follows up on his article last month (page 24) where he discussed why for brands and retailers in the baby sector, acquiring customers way before the purchase point and at the right life stage means better cost-efficiency and longer-term value. This time he covers how to set about achieving this, while over on page 26 The Insights Family’s CEO Nick Richardson shares insight into the buying habits of modern parents and how their attitudes are turning more towards sustainability and eco credentials.

This month we also feature a special profile on CuddleCo in a four page section – there is definitely more to this company than meets the eye – turn to page 18 to read all about it!Finally, you have probably noticed that our Cover Hero this month is Shnuggle. Since their first product, the Shnuggle Moses Basket, this company has grown to become a recognised brand name across both the sleeptime and bathtime product categories and they are fully focussed on the future with 2021 seeing new colourways, a streamlined bedding range and the introduction of a stunning neutral range. Find out more by turning to page 10.

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