JUNIORJONES Supporting Families in Need

30 J-Cub strollers donated to charity.

JUNIORJONES are pleased to be working with Prams For Good to support families in need during this difficult period. They have kindly donated 30 ‘brand new’ strollers to the initiative in an attempt to help poverty stricken families across the UK.


The Prams for Good initiative, which launched earlier this year is a collaborative initiative from industry specialists, with the aim of matching families in need with pre-loved prams and pushchairs, to enable them to get out and about with their babies and children. The Prams for Good campaign is aligned with UK charity partner, Goods for Good who will be distributing prams and pushchairs to families in need in the UK and overseas.


The Prams for Good campaign is working with a number of industry partners to take back pushchairs that are in good condition from families, influencers, brands and celebrities, and re-distribute them via a network of independent nursery retailers, logistics companies and local charities to families in need across the UK and overseas. In addition to direct collections, the campaign partners are in discussion with pram brands and independent retailers across the UK, with the aim of creating a nationwide hub of drop off and collection points for the pushchairs, for ultimate redistribution to local charities. How the scheme helps

Approximately 14 million people currently live in poverty in the UK, including 4.2 million children – that’s one in every four children who do not have the essentials available to them to live. Worrying statistics, made worse by job losses in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well increasing numbers of refugees seeking asylum.

The campaign will bring together brands, nursery retailers, trade and consumer media, parents, celebrities and influencers to ‘each do their bit’ to help alleviate three main issues:

1. Help poverty-stricken families both in the UK and across the globe.

2. Improve physical, mental and emotional health, and aid bonding with baby, by giving parents a pram they can use to get outdoors with their child every day.

3. Work towards a greener planet – so many prams are dumped, and we aim to reduce landfill by recycling the prams that have life in them yet and can be given to a good home.

Read more and see how you can get involved at www.pramsforgood.org


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