Etta Loves Science

Etta Loves, announce their partnership with Sussex Baby Lab at the University of Sussex to further develop their commitment to research & design.

Etta Loves’ commitment to the understanding of babies visual and cognitive development is being advanced with their partnership with Sussex Baby Lab at University of Sussex.

The research will enable Etta Loves to develop the scientific basis of products, test and verify designs, and harness cutting edge science on infant perception and aesthetics to further develop new designs and collections. This partnership will also provide further evidence of the scientific basis of the Etta Loves brand. 

“Working with the University of Sussex will help us further advance our research and ideas, so that we are able to expand and evolve our collections and how these amassed, scientific benefits will improve the lives of babies and their parents.”

The Sussex Baby Lab have an international reputation in infant science, with a particular specialism in how babies and young children see colour and pattern. The Baby Lab adopts innovative and technical methods including infant eye-tracking and the measurement of brain activity. This three-year partnership will deliver scientific studies and the analysis will be interpreted within the framework of visual development, infant aesthetics, and pattern perception.

“We are really excited about this collaboration between Sussex Baby Lab and Etta Loves. When we first met with Etta Loves, we were impressed how they have already drawn on science to develop the range, we are looking forward to working with them, as it enables us to do some important science on how babies learn to see, as well as put this science into practice to develop products that are optimised for babies.” Said Anna Franklin, Professor of Visual Perception and Cognition.

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