RE-START EDITION of Kind + Jugend: easy registration and online tickets

Digital, named-day-only tickets and the CH3CK principle

Koelnmesse has implemented a comprehensive package of measures to ensure that attending the RE-START EDITION of Kind + Jugend from 9 to 11 September 2021 is a safe and successful trade fair experience for all participants. Digital, named-day-only tickets are now available to order in the form of QR codes from the Ticket Shop on the Kind + Jugend website. Combined with the required recognised digital proof of full vaccination, testing or recovery, these measures ensure that Kind + Jugend 2021 will be a safe trade fair experience for everyone. There will be no on-site ticket sales. This rule applies to all participants.

Early online registration on an individual basis is a requirement for all tickets. This enables traceability in the event of a coronavirus infection. It also means that ticket desks will not be required on the trade fair grounds, and hence participants will not have to wait at the entrances. The entire process is clearly set out on the Kind + Jugend website.

Named-day-only tickets exclusively

The Ticket Shop for the RESTART EDITION of Kind + Jugend is now open. All participants – exhibitors, visitors, media representatives or service personnel – can register for their named-day-only, digital tickets in the Ticket Shop. After redeeming a code or purchasing a ticket in the Ticket Shop, a digital ticket will be available on their smartphone. The ticket is then activated in the Kind + Jugend app, which will be available to download from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS) from 23 August 2021. Participants log in to the app using the same login details that they entered when registering in the Ticket Shop. All registered participants will naturally receive a timely reminder and will be provided with all the information they need about the registration process. In addition to activating the ticket, the Kind + Jugend app is also used to obtain tickets for local public transport. These will be available directly in the app at the latest 14 days before the event opens.

The CH3CK principle for safe access

Safety trumps everything: Those wishing to participate in the RESTART EDITION of Kind + Jugend must have either been fully vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19 within a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of six months, or received a recent negative test result (from an antigen or a PCR test taken within the last 48 hours). The CH3CK principle applies to all trade fair participants, including service providers, media representatives, exhibitors and visitors.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC), issued by EU member states, is accepted as digital proof of vaccination. The certificate contains a QR code, which can be stored in various smartphone apps – in Germany, the CovPass app or the Corona-Warn app, for instance.

Trade fair participants who do not have direct access to a digital COVID certificate that meets the EU DCC standard can obtain a QR code by taking a test at any participating test centre that issues EU DCC QR codes in any EU member state or in Cologne before visiting the trade fair grounds.

All the information on digital ticketing and CH3CK is available on the Kind + Jugend website:

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