Mommy Bag from Childhome celebrates its 5th birthday!

Childhome is launching a brand new version of the bag for the occasion: the Mommy Bag puffered, a version in soft quilted fabric.

With this version, Childhome once again succeeds in being a trendsetter in nursery bags, with the coral red version as a statement piece for their 5 year anniversary.

The original Mommy Bag was born in 2016 and is a must-have for young moms to use as a hospital bag. Due to its unique and Belgian design, large dimensions and careful workmanship, the bag has enjoyed worldwide success and is widely praised on online channels such as Instagram.

Over the years, the Mommy Bag collection was further expanded with bags for the entire family such as the My First Bags for kids and Daddy backpacks for dads.The exclusive anniversary collection is also available in beige and black and looks very classy!

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