New Colour drop from BABYBJÖRN (including more leopard!)

Sandy beaches, cherry blossoms and timeless spots have inspired BABYBJÖRN to create the perfect pink, the anything-but-boring grey beige and their coveted leopard print — now available in several of their baby carrier styles. Launching on 8 September 2021, the multi award-winning Baby Carrier Mini, Baby Carrier Move and Baby Carrier One Air will be available in new colours including the highly coveted and celebrity favourite anthracite leopard print. 

Baby Carrier Mini will be available in Dusty Pink and Grey Beige. Baby Carrier Move will be available in Dusty Pink, Grey Beige and Anthracite Leopard and Baby Carrier One Air will be available in Grey Beige and Anthracite Leopard.

Baby Carrier Mini is a small, easy-to-use baby carrier that mum or dad can quickly put on for frequent short babywearing sessions. It’s perfect for the first months when the baby needs a lot of closeness around the clock. It’s easy to unfasten the entire front section of the baby carrier to lift out a sleeping baby. The soft fabrics gently hug the baby’s back, legs and hips, and provide good support. Through the fabric, a parent can check the baby’s position and the natural C curve of the baby’s back with their hands.

Designed to fit the needs of a newborn baby up to 15 months the simple design of the Baby Carrier Move makes is easy to put on, even in the middle of the night, and the luxurious, tactile fabrics are gentle on your newborn’s delicate skin. You can feel your baby is being carried in a natural position, with their back in a gentle c-curve. From 12 months, the carrier can also be used outward facing so you and your baby can explore the world together. 

The Baby Carrier One Air offers hours of comfy carrying from newborn all the way up to three years, the carrier can be used in 4 different positions to grow as your baby does, for perfect carrying ergonomics, use either parent facing, outward facing or for back carrying. The cool air mesh fabric makes sure neither parent or baby gets too hot too. Available in Pearly pink, Navy Blue, Slate Blue, Anthracite and Silver.

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