New report, set to be released each quarter

The new report, set to be released each quarter, looks at the attitudes, behaviours and consumption preferences of kids aged 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12, highlighting key changes and year-to-year trends.

Sarah Riding, Research & Trends director at The Insights Family comments: “It’s been an interesting quarter, with significant changes as the world returns to some form of normality. The Toys & Games Report shows a strong trend towards the popularity of traditional and well-known toys, as well as a growing interest in creative toys. In fact, year-on-year, brands like Barbie, Minecraft and NERF toys have all experienced +30% growth as kids’ favourite toys.”
Along with detailed data on kids’ toy preferences, expenditure, influence, leisure and lifestyles, brands can learn about the top licensing categories and toy-related purchases from TV, video games, film, and Youtubers. The new report also includes a section on ‘Looking Forward’ which covers ‘What is the next big thing?’ and ‘What new toys would you like to own?’.

As we head towards the Christmas and holidays period, The Insights Family are releasing the first Toys & Games Report free of charge at for a limited time only. 

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