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Nursery Today January 2022

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This month we shine the light on a number of product categories. You will find a great selection of products that are available to order now within our Pregnancy and Maternity (page 16), Essentials for Baby (page 24), Infant Toys (page 34) and Baby Travel (page 41) product focus pages.

With it being the start of a New Year, we also had the pleasure to speak to a number of independent nursery retailers and brands on their thoughts on the year ahead and by all accounts it is sounding extremely positive with many retailers taking a look at their current warehouse facilities , floor space, and websites – for example Pramland’s John Barker tells us over in his article on page 22 that they have taken on a new warehouse facility and have also had a store expansion, while over on our Talking Shop pages, Lister Baby Shop Terri Hall is also excited to announce that they have acquired their own warehouse to enable them to hold more stock with the capability of now ‘bulk buying’.

The retailers we spoke to all appear to be forward thinking into 2022, with added focus on their current websites and also a great nod to eco-friendly and sustainable products – this looks like it won’t just be a 2022 trend, but one which will stay into 2023 and beyond.

Over on our Retailer Profile, we also had the opportunity to catch up with Baby 2000’s Manager Helen Clarke to find out more on this established independent retailer. Simply turn to page 14 to read more.

Nursery Today’s Cover Star this month is CuddleCo and Nursery Today had the pleasure to chat with their Manging Director, Marc Kelly to find out how this business will be operating throughout 2022. One thing that does become apparent is that innovation and sustainability is at the heart of their business. With their newly launched AR (augmented reality) technology – which was recently launched and implemented into their POS totems – it looks set to be a given that this is also going to play a strong role moving forward for the company. Why not make a brew, settle down and take time to read Marc’s thoughts over on page 12 If you want a quick demo, then simply scan the code on the cover of this month’s issue!

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