Eco-Friendly Family Cleaning Brand Opens Crowdfunding Campaign to its Community.

Starting the year making big strides for the smallest members of the family, plant-based cleaning brand Nimble, is delighted to share its ever-growing success with its community as the brand kicks off 2022 with an exciting crowdfunding campaign. Committed to providing safer, greener and effective cleaning products, Nimble offers a helping hand to take the stress out of everyday tasks. Believing that all families deserve better than heavy-duty chemicals, Nimble is encouraging likeminded families to be a part of the brand’s future and own a share for tiny humans! 

Proudly at the forefront of creating child-friendly, natural cleaning products that are free from nasties, Nimble is excited to take the brand one step further on its journey to offer environmentally friendly products. 

By taking part in the unique crowdfunding initiative, from as little as £10, parents will not only be investing in their child’s future financially, but also the future of their planet as Nimble continues to make huge developments into a greener future thanks to its ingenious vegan cleaning range.  

The standout plant-based brand provides safe and effective cleaning solutions for every family moment; supporting feeding, play and laundry – right from birth. Developed by chemist and parent, Von Sy, the unique product range, was developed to create kinder cleaning products, specifically with young families in mind.  

How can families get involved? Launched in January parents can purchase their share/shares for the next generation – they will have until the 10th February to get involved at what point the crowdfunding will close.

The brand is so confident families will love their products and will want to take part, they are offering a money back guarantee during the crowdfunding event, so any families who are considering investing, can try the range and invest with confidence. 

Alongside this, various rewards will be available to families and investors, starting from a single share (which will provide a 20% discount), and increasing with further goodies throughout the investment stages. Notably, families can even get a personalised Nimble product (from £100 investment onwards) so their own little one can be the star of their future investment! 

Founder of Nimble, Von commented:

“We couldn’t be more excited to start the new year with our crowdfunding campaign! Our customers are at the heart of our brand and are the very reason we continue to develop products that are kind to skin and the planet – it’s all for the next generation. Being able to open our doors and expand our Nimble family is such a huge moment! We are so confident in our product range and our future as a company, that we are thrilled to offer a money back guarantee to any families who are considering investing – we just know everyone will believe in the range as much as we do!

We know that many families will be thinking about making resolutions and mindful changes in their lives as we step in the new year, and will be considering the environmental impact of their everyday choices more than ever. We are so pleased that Nimble takes the worry away from parents when using our plant-based range, so to be involved in our future and purchase a share on their little one’s behalf is something we are so excited to offer!” 

With this thoughtful investment parents can make a financial and greener promise for their children’s future, while also pledge to make an eco-swap to Nimble cleaning solutions in the home and say goodbye to nasty chemicals around the smallest members of the family.

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