The Swedish family company BabyBjörn is launching two of its most popular products in a new Landscape print — inspired by Mother Nature.

With Nordic nature as the main source of inspiration, BabyBjörn’s design team have created a print inspired by the landscape surrounding us.

“This print pays homage not only to Mother Nature but also to the new horizon that opens up when you become a parent.” Said Anna Björk, Head of Design at BabyBjörn.

The print design has been crafted by hand using pieces of shredded paper, making it unique to BabyBjörn and giving each product a special look. The two products that will be available in the new Landscape print are Baby Carrier Mini and Bouncer Bliss in cotton. The Landscape print products will be available from 23 February 2022, and they are here to stay. Because these products hold the most precious beings in the world, newborns and toddlers, BabyBjörn focuses on safety and good ergonomics from idea to finished product.

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