To celebrate World Book Day 2022 [3rd March], Britain’s leading bed retailer, Bensons for Beds, has ranked the UK’s top 10 bedtime stories that parents love to read to their children.

Bensons for Beds has delved into search data to reveal the current, most popular bedtime stories for children in the UK and which top titles encourage little ones to drift off without a hitch.

Bedtime stories ranked by search volume (average monthly searches)

Bedtime stories for kids are the perfect way to help them wind down after a busy day of exploring their surroundings. 

Bensons for Beds’ Sleep Expert, Dr Sophie Bostock said: “Reading aloud with children is a great way of helping them to prepare for sleep. Research shows that children with a regular bedtime routine tend to fall asleep faster, have fewer nighttime awakenings, and sleep for longer. As well as developing language and reading skills, bedtime stories can promote concentration, creativity and bonds between children and grown-ups. For adults and children alike, reading can be a great way to relax before you switch out the light.”

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