Co-founding husband and wife team behind baby and toddler brand Hippychick on family business podcast

Husband and wife team, Jeremy and Julia Minchin, behind baby and toddler brand Hippychick are the latest guests to share their behind the scenes story on the family business podcast It Runs In The Family.   

In 1999, at a kitchen table in Somerset, Hippychick was born.  It was Julia and Jeremy Minchin’s table and the innovative back-saving hipseat was the first product to be introduced to the product portfolio, and one which would become the very back-bone of the successful Hippychick business.  

Julia and Jeremy join mother and daughter podcast hosts, Liz and Leila Willingham, on episode 30 of It Runs In The Family to reveal how they are committed to making life that little bit easier for families with young children, their dedication in supporting local businesses to flourish and providing an award-winning service to customers.

Commenting on the episode, podcast host Liz Willingham says: “Like many businesses, Hippychick is a business born from a table in the family home although Julia and Jeremy’s story isn’t just the standard home-grown business success. From 2:30am commutes in the early days, a near fatal paragliding accident and a son found asleep in the warehouse, family brand and family business Hippychick has become the success it is today through true hard graft, grit and determination.

“Founder Julia and her incredibly supportive husband and business partner Jeremy delve into the journey behind Hippychick, sharing their learnings, tips and the, on occasion, turbulence they faced when growing the brand.  We start from the very beginning, how the idea of the back-saving hipseat came to market and why Julia threw herself into business and how, like many founders, Jeremy balanced the new business and his existing role in the Met Police.”

Listeners will hear how they balance business with parenthood, how they create a family feel with staff and customers alike, and the joys of seeing your partner in their element.

This episode covers:

  • How Jeremy’s paragliding accident put the Hippychick team to the test
  • Changing sectors and undergoing a cultural shift to join the family business
  • How Julia and Jeremy pushed through uncertainty and built their brand in the early days
  • Juggling parenthood with the business, and how it can feel like an extra child of your own

Increasing its international reach, the It Runs In The Family podcast has jumped into the Saudi Arabian charts for the first-time ever, both the entrepreneurship chart at number 18 and the top business podcast chart at number 107. Aside from the UK, the It Runs In The Family podcast is attracting listeners in 42 countries including United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, France and Australia.

A new episode of It Runs In The Family is released every other Wednesday and is available to download and stream on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.To never miss an episode or to discuss recording a family business story, please visit

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