National Baby Day takes place in the UK on Monday 2nd May 2022. Established to celebrate the smallest members of our species and to educate the younger generation, it’s a time to reflect and learn.

MAM has over 45 years of expertise in research and development and is committed to the wellbeing, health and safety of babies.

This National Baby Day, MAM is here to challenge myth and out-dated views about soother usage and offer a helping hand to those wanting to learn more about soothing their babies and how the role of non-nutritive sucking helps to calm your little one. 

What is The #Soothment Movement?

One of the most natural and soothing things for baby to do is suck.  It’s a powerful instinct that they are born with.  Yet despite this interesting ‘little-known-fact’, many parents feel cautious about using a soother. ​

MAM is leading The #Soothment Movement with their extensive range offering #soothment and comfort to the very youngest of babies right through until they stop using a soother and MAM want to be sure parents can access the right information and the right soother to relax and calm baby.​

Why use a Soother?

  • Sleep Soundly – Even if your little one isn’t crying, sucking a soother may help calm and soothe baby, encouraging them to fall asleep and stay asleep longer, which means more sleep for you, too. 
  • Reduce the risk of SIDS – Soothers may help protect your baby from SIDS and suffocation during sleep for several reasons. They might make it harder for your baby to roll over onto their stomach. A soother also blocks your baby’s face from accidentally getting too close to the mattress or blanket.
  • Helps Development – researchers think that sucking on a soother might help babies develop better nerve reflexes and breathing muscles.
  • Soothing for babies in this big wide world – Our world through babies eyes can understandably be a daunting place, throw in the discomfort of teething, or upset stomachs, soothers can be a great companion and provide comfort for your little ones as and when needed.

Why MAM?

MAM invests the utmost care and attention to their soothers which are developed alongside experts in medicine and technology to make them 100% safe and perfect for babies. All MAM soothers are unique and innovative in design and function, combining medical benefits and high product safety standards.​

From skin friendly shields to orthodontic teats, all soothers are designed for healthy oral development and are soft, flexible and small enough to minimise impact on oral development. This satisfies baby’s sucking needs – giving parents piece of mind.  ​

Anytime, anywhere and for any occasion, there is a product that addresses baby’s needs.​


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