Alami International focussed on FIFA 2022

Alami International is proud to be an official FIFA World Cup 2022 apparel distributor across Europe and Africa.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022.

Alami is currently a distributor for a large number of nursery brands, however, this is their first venture into distributing licensed clothing. Alami was strategically chosen by the global licensee to cover two large regions due to its history and success with working in the nursery sector across both continents.

“We approached Alami to distribute FIFA World Cup 2022 nursery apparel due their large footprint across Europe and Africa. We are delighted they partnered with us, and we can already see the benefits of working with them due to their ability to reach each corner of Africa and key accounts in Europe. We have also extended the offering to Alami for them to distribute all ages of clothing for all 32 countries who will qualify for the World Cup (adult, kids, toddlers and babies). As this will be a long‐term partnership, we look forward to a successful World Cup 2022 campaign and future tournaments that we will partner again with Alami”, commented Ian Peace, Outerstuff EMEA Sales Director representing the global licensee for the FIFA apparel brand.

“A new step into licensed apparel is very exciting for us. With England having done so well in the last couple of tournaments, excitement is building for this year’s World Cup and so it was the right opportunity to partner with Outerstuff for distributing official FIFA apparel. Our main focus has been nursery clothing as it sits well with the other nursery brands that we currently distribute, but given our success so far, we are excited about covering all age ranges. Especially as we have a strong footprint in key areas of Africa, we were able to leverage this to good effect with introducing this year licensed clothing to our retailers and wholesalers.

“There are more exciting announcements coming up in the licensed clothing space from Alami but for now, our focus is on this year’s World Cup”, commented Shai Vora, Alami’s Sales Manager.

If you are interested to know or how you can stock licensed clothing for this year’s FIFA World Cup, please contact Shai Vora,

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