MAM continue their upwards trend in growth within the bottle and soothing category. 

After becoming brand leaders in value for bottles in December 2021 they have now become brand leaders in value for soothers with the latest Gfk data released this month.

Overall, the soother market is up 9.5% in volume and 18.5% in value compared to last year. MAM’s growth is 22% in volume and 34% in value, this huge growth means MAM now have 44.2% market share in terms of value.

Despite the total market in bottles being down -5.1% in volume and up just 0.6% compared to Q1 last year, MAM are up 25% in volume and 34% up in value, the bottle brand leaders hold a market share of 43.6% in value.

The team at MAM are of course delighted with this news and will be continuing their celebrations of what has been a very successful start to 2022 stating: “We have always and will continue to develop extra-safe baby products that combine attractive, innovative design with proven medical benefits. So, parents can feel confident, and babies feel good.”

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