Toynamics UK & Ireland is launching its biggest Christmas advertising campaign to date to support the Hape brand.

The Christmas campaign focuses on the concept that when you give a Hape toy to a child in your life, you’re giving them more than something to play with, you’re unwrapping their potential. This will see some of the best-selling Hape toys come to life in a 30 second video, with content themed around a festive narrative of ‘The Fallen Angel’, which aims to capture children’s imaginations. The Hape Railway, infant and roleplay categories will take centre stage in this multi-faceted campaign.

The advert, in video and static format, will feature across digital – online and social – platforms in the UK and Europe. Toynamics will also be offering retailers a strong support package, with POS and window display kits available. Supported with PR outreach and a high profile influencer campaign.

Emma Damerell, EU Campaign Manager at Toynamics says: “We’re very excited about this targeted Christmas advertising campaign, and the support it will give our retailers through the October to December period. We’re shining a spotlight on our bestsellers, however the Hape brand overall will benefit. It’s as much about encouraging toy sales as it is gifting playful Hape products that help children develop skills for life”.

The campaign will run on all major digital channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, across Europe and America with the aim to make a big impact on the small screen.

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