Nanit launched in 2016 with the idea that the right technology could make life a little more manageable for new parents, by connecting them to their child’s development and well-being.

The suite of products lets parents track the health, wellness and development of their baby—from sleep and breathing to growth and milestones—delivering personalized insights and advice via their best-in-class app.

The world’s most advanced baby camera lets parents see everything that is happening in and around the crib in real-time. And the app turns everything it captures into personalized insights and sleep coaching tips, helping parents understand baby’s sleep routine and quality on a deeper level—and improve it.

Connection is the key to a happy, healthy family life. The app allows users to create parenting teams of grandparents and other caregivers. Parents can share their baby’s insights with paediatricians. And the Nanit Community of like-minded parents and expert content is an exciting space where people can go to listen, learn, laugh and connect.

Nanit is very pleased to announce that the full Nanit range is now available to the Independent trade, exclusively from BabyBase!

Please contact the team at BabyBase for more information:

More information on Nanit can be found on

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