Recycling and sustainability are big topics in 2022, with the public looking more than ever to their favourite brands to do more. Searches for “environmentally conscious brands” and “recycle scheme” are up 300% and 57% since the same period last year respectively. [1]

The UK’s longest-running nursery brand, Silver Cross takes pride in looking after the next generation, including launching the first ever car seat recycling scheme, along with running a valet service for used prams from Silver Cross and its sister brand Micralite.

Silver Cross also ensured sustainability was at the forefront when designing its new Dune and Reef prams, with the outer fabrics woven from yarn using recycled plastic bottles – 35 plastic bottles are used in the seat unit, and 12 in the first bed folding carrycot. In addition, all Dune and Reef packaging is recyclable and FSC certified and has been specifically designed to reduce waste.

The Car Seat Recycling Scheme

For safety reasons, car seats cannot be passed on or resold for second hand use, which poses a problem for sustainability, with the majority of car seats going to landfill at the end of their life. 

To combat this, Silver Cross became the first brand to launch a car seat recycling scheme during Recycle Week in 2021 and has since recycled a total of 192 car seats. 

When a Silver Cross car seat is donated, the recycling team use specialist lasers to separate the materials. These are then used in packaging and product production across a wide variety of industries. Absolutely nothing from the car seat goes to landfill, with every single part going on to lead a new life!

How to Recycle your Car Seats

Customers who no longer need their Silver Cross car seat can book a slot on the Silver Cross website for it to be recycled. The process is quick and simple – the brand will arrange for someone to collect your car seat – and the whole process is free of charge.

Valet and Service 

If your Silver Cross or Micralite pram needs a little TLC, Silver Cross offers a full pram valet and service, so you can keep using it or pass it on knowing it’s safe and looking it’s best. 

If you no longer need your pram, you can choose to donate it to help a family in need. Your Silver Cross or Micralite pram will be fully serviced and valeted before being passed on to the brands’ charity partner, Baby Basics, who have a network of 50 baby banks across the UK. 

David Abbott, Director of Marketing at Silver Cross, says,  

‘As a brand, we’re making a conscious effort to become even more sustainable through our products, packaging and recycling processes. We’re incredibly proud to offer the first and only car seat recycling scheme, which will reduce waste and allow materials to be re-used.’

[1] Data pulled via Google adwords on the 14/09/2022

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